A One-Stop Upskilling Hub for Women


The Tequity Hub is the embodiment of the career success equation #GALSNGEAR has identified as “tequity = skills + access + visibility, coupled with a supportive community.” This dynamic training and networking platform, hosted on the LIVE! online event platform hosted by Wall Street Communications, is set to be a game-changer for women seeking to upskill and advance their careers in the industry. The Tequity Hub is open to all women in the industry — assigned at birth or not — and all industry stakeholders. The Tequity Hub will serve as a catalyst for progress, where potential sponsors and attendees alike can make a tangible impact on gender equity within the sector.

“Technology and tools are changing fast in the media and entertainment industries, which means women might be missing out on a career opportunity or increased pay if we don’t adapt and upskill — whether we are in tech ourselves or managing it,” says #GALSNGEAR Founder Amy DeLouise. “On the Tequity Hub, we’re creating a one-stop shop for women looking to upskill. And guess what? A huge amount of this training is free!”

Beta-Testing Network

One of the purposes behind The Tequity Hub is to ensure that hardware and software companies recognize the value of including women in their beta-testing networks. #GALSNGEAR hopes to be the bridge that connects these companies to talented women within the community. Women are often left out of beta-testing, yet they can provide invaluable insights and contributions as industry hardware and software is developed. And early adoption and access to R&D communities often gives beta testers an edge in career advancement. We are currently working with several software companies to have selected #GALSNGEAR community members beta test new upgrades.

#TequityTuesday Events on the Hub

The Tequity Hub events, called #TequityTuesday, will generally take place on the third Tuesday of each month starting Aug. 15 on the LIVE! online event platform. Each event is one hour, starting with a brief Q&A with a leading industry speaker followed by networking and learning opportunities. There are rooms for workshops, for demos, and for meeting and networking. Attendees can see active rooms and the users within them and can jump into any room at any time on their own — no one has to move them there.

Upcoming Tequity Hub Events – Noon-1pm ET


Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorships are for 6 month periods. Sponsors also get invited to our various live networking events and other special industry opportunities. For information, please contact us at galsngear@gmail.com.

Training Link: $750 – link to your existing training/workshops in our SKILLZONE on the Hub

Room Sponsor: $2,000 –

Your company brand “hosts” one of our interactive rooms such as: The Lounge, The Screening Room, The Café, The Connect Room.

Bronze Sponsor: $1,500 –

  • Logo on Banner on site
  • Branding on all #TequityTuesday invitation emails
  • Featured location for your training content
  • Include Jobs in our Resources section

Silver Sponsor: $2,500 – All Bronze benefits plus

  • Your training content in our “Top Featured” location
  • Access to the Beta Testing network
  • Participate in one of our Q&A’s

Gold Sponsor – $5,000 – All Silver benefits plus

  • Room with demo featuring your tech and a live host, if you wish, during #TequityTuesday meetups
  • Opportunity to feature your company’s new tools and tech, or your customer use cases, in an interactive webinar environment
  • Metrics on Hub visitors